Sunday, June 12, 2005

Can somebody please explain this to me?

I was making a salad last night and I noticed the label on the container of tomatoes I had bought the week before.

What is the deal here? Why would these tomatoes be officially licensed by NASCAR? Does NASCAR get paid for licensing tomatoes, or does the tomato grower?

Do you think I could get NASCAR to officially license my blog? Would they pay me?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Do good and save a little money

A couple of months ago I heard about the Better World Club while listening to Car Talk. The company provides roadside assistance and travel services like AAA does. However, instead of lobbying for more highways like AAA does, they support all sort of environmentally friendly things. They don't cost any more than AAA, and for the first year they give you coupons that you can use to get reimbursed for $40 of gasoline purchases.

Another money-saving, eco-friendly thing I discovered are some ways of purchasing auto insurance in Massachusetts. You can get a discount on your auto insurance (I think it is 6-8%)in Mass if you get your insurance through Better World Club, or through the Environmental Insurance Agency, which is affiliated with the Conservation Law Foundation. You get a 10% discount with CLF, but you need to be a member of one of a short list of organizations (CLF, AMC, Audobon Society). Both of these insurance agencies are actually selling Plymouth Rock insurance.

Tell 'em Alec sent you.