Friday, August 19, 2005

My compass in the digital wilderness

I'm a good programmer. Unfortunately, I'm not very good on the "vision thing." I don't stay informed about new technology very well, and I often don't grok the long-term ramifications of new stuff. E.g., when I worked at a search-engine company in the late 90's (Northern Light) I couldn't figure out how anyone was going to make any money on search. How blind I was.

Fortunately, I have a friend to turn to when I'm trying to make sense of the digital marketplace, or when I'm frustrated by how inconvenient something is, and need someone to tell me about the latest free software that solves my problem perfectly. His name is John Sequeira, and he is a software consultant & architect.

He has a couple of blogs that are very worth reading - one to which he posts frequently about the latest technology developments, and one with longer, more detailed articles. Check 'em out.